Troop Camp

Grow together
Make s'mores
Sleep outside
Push yourself
Make memories
Stop to smell the flowers
Be a part of a sisterhood

Given the current restrictions on troop overnights and additional State of Colorado COVID-19 youth overnight program requirements, we have decided that our staff-led troop programs will continue to be day only for this summer.


Visit us for a Troop Adventure Day at Magic Sky Ranch, Meadow Mountain Ranch, or Lazy Acres for a full day of programming with tons of options like our high ropes course, teambuilding, rock climbing, archery, nature programs, crafts, badge program, and all kinds of camp fun and games! We know that troops may want to stay overnight in a cabin at the camp property before or after the program. Currently, registration is for the day program only and when troops are permitted to have overnights, troops will have the option to book a cabin and extend their stay at camp through the whole weekend.


Read more about troop adventure days and check out all the program details and registration information on the GSCO event calendar.

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