You’re an original, creative, independent thinker. You have a natural curiosity and a flare for the dramatic. You love learning and you’re a wonder at solving problems in creative new ways. You see art and beauty everywhere!

Check out these sessions where you'll get a chance to explore your creative side at Girl Scouts of Colorado summer camp.

Unicorns and Mermaids

June 22-26


Sky High Ranch

With a flip of your tail or the beat of your hooves, head to Sky High to meet new friends from under the sea and the magical forests. You and your new two-legged friends will become mermaids or unicorns for the week and have all kinds of magical adventures! Make your own bubble wands, spend time at the pond swimming, meet our other magical four-legged creatures, and go on a scavenger hunt for hidden treasure. 

Craft, Antique, Batik

July 12-17


Tomahawk  Ranch

Create works of art through vintage crafting, pottery, upcycling, and more. You'll have the opportunity to make homemade candles and create a beautiful batik to be framed.  Search on Pinterest to gain ideas taking antiques to make them unique. There will be plenty of time for other camp activities too. You'll stay in a seasonal cabin with a detached bathhouse.

Welcome to Broadway

July 12-17


Sky High Ranch

Are you ready to be the next big star? Get ready to star in your own show this week! Your new friends will pick a script, make props and costumes, and rehearse your show. Visit a real theatre to learn about all aspects of performance, from lights and sound to backstage props and costuming, and finally to center stage! At the end of the week, perform your show for others to see. 

Sew Fun

July 12-17


Tomahawk Ranch

A camp proved to be non-stop fabric filled fun. Learn basic and advanced sewing skills. Create stuffed animals, purses, hair accessories, and even design an outfit to show off in an end of the week Fashion Show. Spend some time learning how to knit and crochet. Top it off by earning a sewing machine driver license! There will be plenty of time for other camp activities.  You'll stay in a cabin with equipped bathrooms and showers.

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