Day Camp

Looking for some daytime camp fun, but crave the comfort of your own bed at night?
We totally understand and have awesome Day Camps just for you!
From exploring nature to experimenting with science to learning to sail or hit a bullseye, we've got camps perfect for you. Our camps are led by dedicated volunteers ready to give you a great camp experience. 

You don’t have to already be a
Girl Scout to join the adventure.
All girls are welcome!

All of our day camps are run by Girl Scout volunteers, either with a committee of adult volunteer members or with an adult volunteer supporting their troop in planning and running the camp. Our Day Camps take place in public facilities across the state, such as schools, state parks, community centers, or local outdoor spaces (view the map).


Some Day Camps use the CampInTouch registration system, and some use their own registration system.


Contact  if you are interested in starting a Day Camp, leading a single-day or multi-day camp in your area, or have questions about a Day Camp using CampinTouch registration.

Questions about a Day Camp using their volunteer-run registration? Contact the Camp Director as listed in the session description of the camp session.

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