You’re a leader! You’re an advocate for all and are always cheering on the group. Through empathy, team building, and humility, you empower those around you to be their best.

You'll love our team-building sessions, and you might be cut out to be a Program Aide helping younger Girl Scouts too.

June 23-30

Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

Steamboat Springs

Travel to beautiful Steamboat Springs for a memorable weekend camping with your troop! You'll earn camping and first aid badges and participate in activities including hiking, knot tying, knife safety and using a compass, not to mention the dessert competition on Saturday night! Troops will stay in tents and enjoy time together around the campfire. Activities are planned for Juniors through Ambassadors, but all are invited. This camp has opportunities for girls to develop their leadership skills and run camp activities as a Program Aides. 

Troop Trek

June 21-23

Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

Meadow Mountain Ranch


This weekend is all about the outdoors and the environment, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Meadow Mountain Ranch! Troops will spend time learning about the environment and working on the Junior Habitats and Cadette Trailblazer badges, and will have lots of fun on the archery field and low ropes teambuilding course. On the second night of camp, troops will learn about fire-building, wilderness safety and campsite setup, and test these skills at a campout in the back meadow. 

Environmental Explorer Troop Camp

Sept. 6-8
Brownies, Juniors, 
Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors

Magic Sky Ranch

At this camp, your troop will learn to work together to participate in team challenges and support each other in individual accomplishments at Magic Sky Ranch. You'll learn to work with your troop to communicate, problem-solve, and think creatively. These skills will be called upon when you conquer the high-ropes challenge course, go rock scrambling on real rocks, and hike to the lake. 

Troop Camp Teambuilding Adventure

various dates


Tomahawk Ranch and Sky High Ranch

Do you have dreams of being a camp counselor one day? Enhance your leadership and camp counseling skills: learn to create lesson plans, develop behavior management and discipline strategies for campers, and improve your camp skills overall. Girls must have completed CIT 1 Training in order to register for CIT 2. CIT 1 is for Seniors entering grade 10, and Ambassadors.

Counselors in Training

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