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Leadership staff

The leadership staff at Girl Scouts of Colorado outdoor programs believes in the power of every girl and they love to see girls unleash their inner go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader at camp! They also get to have loads of fun!

We sat down with each of them to ask some key camp questions ...

  1. Favorite Camp Song

  2. Favorite Girl Scout Cookie

  3. Best camp memory

  4. Dream vacation destination

  5. Because of camp I….


Hi, I’m Pebbles! My job is one of the best at camp: I’m in charge of organizing all the fun things you get to do at camp (aka: Assistant Camp Director of Program). I attended Sky High Ranch as a camper for 10 years, and have been privileged to work in my dream job for the last 10-ish years at SHR! I love watching the sunset from Ranch Mountain, splashing around in the pond, flying down the zip line, and snuggling with Homer at the farm! Sky High is my favorite place to be all year long!


  1. On the Loose

  2. Samoas

  3. Stargazing in Mystic Meadows

  4. Greece 

  5. Because of camp I am a stronger, more confident woman!

Hi, I’m Ruddy and I’m the Fun Coordinator (AKA the Camp Director) here at Sky High Ranch! When I’m not out on the stand-up paddle boards or zipping down the zip line, I can usually be found around the campfire, building a monster s’more. I love camp and I love adventure, so of course, Sky High is my favorite place ever!


  1. Geoduck!

  2. Thin Mints

  3. The Disastrous Llama Backpacking Trip

  4. Greece

  5. Because of camp I learned how to take positive risks with no fear

Hi! My name is Obi Joe and I am the Camp Director at Tomahawk Ranch! I love campfires with s’mores, all of our super fun and fluffy barn animals, stargazing, horseback riding, and HARRY POTTER! I can’t wait to camp with every one of you!

  1. Funky Chicken

  2. Samoa

  3. Gazing at the stars with my best friend dreaming about being a Camp Director one day

  4. Disney World with friends and family

  5. Because of camp I am the person I am today!

My camp name is Marshmello, Marshy for short. I am the Hospitality Director at Tomahawk Ranch. My favorite camp activities include archery, arts and crafts, and s'more making. Camp is my home! After summer is over, I live on the camp property year-round helping troops plan awesome weekends away at Tomahawk. Can’t wait to meet you this summer!

  1. "On The Loose"

  2. Every year I never seem to buy enough Samoas

  3. I started Girl Scouts as a Daisy and earned my Gold Award in 2006

  4. Canoeing 26 miles of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas

  5. Because of camp I have spent the past six summers at Tomahawk Ranch and a whopping total of 16 summer seasons working at Girl Scout Camps.


Hello, friends! My name is Sky and I direct our Troop Camps at Meadow Mountain Ranch and Lazy Acres. I am also the director of the Outdoor Adventure Club, and I support other outdoor programs across the state. In the summer you’ll often catch me harnessing up for a rock climbing adventure or throwing sponges during a game of Stinky Fish! I can’t wait for our adventures together at camp this summer!

  1. Great Big Moose

  2. Samoas

  3. Making fishing poles out of found materials at a high alpine lake – we almost caught a few!

  4. New Zealand

  5. Because of camp I found a community of like-minded people and learned the value of shared experiences



Hey all! I’m Ragu. You will find me leading an amazing team of staff at our Staff Led Day Camps! I started at camp when I was 7 and I am still going strong. It’s hard to pick a favorite activity at camp. Some days I just want to be paddling on the water and other days find me perfectly content creating a new craft with my campers. When I’m not at camp I love adventures with my girls and my two pups!

  1. Purple Lights

  2. Tagalong

  3. Windsurfing on Catalina Island

  4. Australia

  5. Because of camp I have lifelong friends and an amazing support system!



Hi all! I am Stitch! I am the Outdoor Program RN/Health Supervisor! During the summer you may find me at Tomahawk Ranch or Sky High Ranch overseeing the on-site Health Centers. During the fall, winter and spring I love spending time at various Outdoor Programs throughout the state and volunteering my time with a local Colorado Springs Girl Scout troop.

  1. I'd like to linger

  2. Tagalongs, but i just went GF

  3. Jumping over tables with my best friend playing chain tag

  4. White sand beaches in Thailand

  5. I can make Thanksgiving dinner for 10 by myself! It does include celery Jell-o though


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