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Sky High Ranch Staff

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Hi, I’m Ruddy and I’m the Fun Coordinator (AKA the Executive Camp Director) here at Sky High Ranch! When I’m not out on the stand-up paddle boards or zipping down the zipline, I can usually be found around the campfire, building a monster s’more. I love camp and I love adventure, so of course, Sky High is my favorite place ever!



Hi, I’m Pebbles and I’m the Chaos Coordinator (AKA Camp Director). I attended Sky High Ranch as a camper for 10 years and have been privileged to work in my dream job for over 15 years at SHR! I love watching the sunset from Ranch Mountain, splashing around in the pond, flying down the zip line, and snuggling with Homer at the farm! Sky High is my favorite place to be all year long!


Hi, I am Mufasa! I am the Program Director at Sky High Ranch. It has truly become my home away from home. Sky High Ranch has a special place in my heart, and I love the fact that I get to hang out in the mountains creating and running some great programs. I hope to make everybody's summer the best yet!


Hello all, I am Groot (Destry). I am the Site Manager for Sky High Ranch. I live on the Ranch with my wife Pickles (Aimee) and our 4 wonderful dogs Terra, Miles, Bonnie, and Bobo. We also have a diverse collection of farm animals we take care of. Sky High Ranch is a wonderful place to be, and we are so happy to be here and be part of the GSCO organization. I love that every day we step out into a paradise in the mountains, and we work hard to share this wonderful place with all.

My camp name is Scooter and I have been at Sky High Ranch for a little over a year now as the Maintenance Specialist. Working and enjoying the outdoors has been a passion of mine since I was young. Helping to care for the farm animals and working on our beautiful property has been a dream come true and I look forward to many more years at Sky High Ranch!

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