Sky High Camp is a gorgeous mountainous camp near 
Woodland Park, about an hour
from Colorado Springs, and
two hours from Denver.

At overnight camp at Sky High Ranch, girls might dip into a beautiful mountain pond one day, fly down the mountain on a zipline another day, and sleep beneath a million stars by night. She'll experience life away from it all, make new friends, learn some crazy camp songs, meet cool counselors from all over the world, and get to know some pretty cool barn animals too.

It was a really fun camp and I made a lot of new friends!!!

Our family would like to thank all of the staff working at Sky High for all of the hard work they put in, so our daughters can have a very fun experience and feel independent while knowing that they are very safe and are being supported every step of the way.

My daughter was nervous about staying away from home, but she said the girls and the counselors were great and she had a wonderful time! I was glad to see she could step out of her comfort zone a little with all the support. She had a lot of fun!

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Meet the Director

Sky High Ranch

Running a Girl Scout overnight camp is not all fun and games but ... mostly it is!

Kim "Ruddy" Petau is the director at Sky High Ranch, where she gets to hire all the cool counselors, plan awesome activities and take care of the logistics of running a camp! Here are some fun facts about Ruddy:

Favorite color: Blue

Spirit animal: Bear

Favorite kind of cheese: Gouda

I've lived in this many states: 4

Favorite camp song: Geoducks!

Stuffed animal I slept with as a kid: Big Bunny

Siblings: 0

If I could have a super power it would be: Air Bending

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie: Samoas (Caramel Delights)

What I’m reading now: Duck and Goose (to my 6 year-old, every night).

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