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Statewide Outdoor Program Staff


Hello, friends! My name is Sky and I am the Director of Outdoor Programs at Girl Scouts of Colorado. I support the work of Doodle and Gilligan for Troop Camps, Outdoor Adventure Club, and Day Camps. I am also our council support staff member for our volunteer-led camps. In the summer you’ll often catch me harnessing up for a rock climbing adventure or throwing sponges during a game of Stinky Fish! I can’t wait for our adventures together at camp this summer! 




Hey! I’m Doodle (they/them)! I am the Outdoor Adventure Manager and I run our Outdoor Adventure Club as well as our troop camps. Some things to know are that I will always get excited about pretty views, food, wildlife sightings, camp games, and trying new things, especially if they are adventure related. Just like Sasquatch, I love to hang out in the woods and be one with nature. I can’t wait to see you at a troop camp or an OAC event!


Gilligan here! I am the statewide Outdoor Programs and Events Manager! I oversee staff-led day camps and first touch programs through the “off-season”. I love, love, love nature and animals, and enjoy sharing my passion with anyone who will listen! I am that one hiker who takes multiple hours to go one mile because I am looking at each plant and scat thoroughly.  I can’t wait to share my passion with all the campers each summer and get them obsessed too!

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