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Refund and Cancellation Policy

The registration processing fee (10% deposit) is nonrefundable. It is refunded only if the camper is registered and council cancels the session or if the camper is unable to come to camp because of a COVID-19 positive diagnosis or quarantine.


If a camper is unable to attend camp due to a COVID-19 positive diagnosis or direct exposure requiring quarantine during the dates they are scheduled to attend camp, we will provide a full refund.

If a camper is required to arrive a day or more late, or miss 24 hours or more of camp due to a medical issue (Covid 19-related, communicable illnesses such head lice or Conjunctivitis, etc.), we will prorate back the time they missed from camp.

Cancellations for other reasons will be refunded, minus the registration processing fee, if the cancellation is made with a written request (email acceptable) four weeks (twenty business days) before the session begins. After that, the balance is refunded only if the camper moves out of the state, has been certified to be ill by a physician, or there is a family emergency (severe sickness or death in the immediate family).  Customer Care must be notified no later than 24 hours prior to the camp session (1-877-404-5708) if there is a family emergency.

In order to receive a refund based on illness, family emergency, or family move, Girl Scouts of Colorado must receive a written request (email acceptable) of cancellation within two weeks following the session to


Balances cannot be transferred to another family, but may be transferred among siblings prior to the payment deadline. 

No refunds are issued if a camper leaves before the end of the session due to disciplinary action or homesickness.

If a camper leaves camp early due to physical illness, the camp fees will be prorated, minus the registration processing fee, for refund.

Money is not refunded if a camper is dropped prior to the camp session due to incomplete or missing paperwork.

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