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Apply to work at camp

Tomahawk Ranch & Sky High Ranch Positions:

  • Camp Counselors

  • Tagalong Staff

  • Program Staff/Instructor Staff

  • Farm, Barn and Wrangler Staff

  • Leadership Positions

  • Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff

  • Maintenance Staff

  • Photographer

  • Health Supervisors

  • Wellness Supervisors

Day Camp Positions

  • Day Camp Program Staff

  • Site Directors

How to Apply:

Communicable Disease Precaution(s) for staff:

  • Remote interview processes

  • Personal protective equipment provided and/or required (i.e. use of facial coverings)

  • The vaccine/testing requirements as per Girl Scouts of Colorado, the State of Colorado, and the Federal Government for all employees working at a licensed child care camp

  • Daily health screenings 

  • Education and training on reducing the spread of communicable disease

  • Frequent and encouraged good hand hygiene 

  • Additional sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place

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