Tomahawk Ranch Camp is a beautiful sunny property near Bailey, about an hour from Denver and two hours from Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.

At overnight camp at Tomahawk Ranch, girls might climb to the top of Solitude Mountain by day and break out their best moves for an all-camp dance party by night. She'll make new friends, learn some crazy camp songs, meet cool counselors from all over the world and get to know some pretty cool pigs, llamas, chickens, goats, and even the barn kitty too.

My daughter came home wanting to camp, for a longer time next year. She had a blast.

My daughter loved the counselors! She says they were all fun. She enjoyed laughing and joking with them and I think she really looks up to them. They were good role models and examples to her. She would love to be a camp counselor someday!

Girl Scout Camp allows my daughter to just be a girl and not focus on anything but FUN!

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Watch the Tomahawk site video to learn more about sleeping accommodations and camp amenities.

Counselor Corner

Tomahawk Ranch

Working at Tomahawk Ranch is not all fun and games ... but mostly it is!


Half of Mobbes

Hi! My name is Hobbes and I’m one half of ‘Mobbes’, the epic counselor duo.


I’ve called Tomahawk home for the last seven years. There I have run around as a two-headed Hogwarts witch, told amazing jokes as a rodeo announcer and clown, conquered fears and became a Rodeo Queen, hiked in ridiculous costumes (including a full body fish outfit), cured curses with my phoenix tears (dispensed via squirt gun!), created the (hopefully one day Olympic!) sport ‘Tomahawk Madness’, caught Salamanders in our pond all whilst making camp a magical place for Girl Scouts to be themselves and have a lot of fun!

My favorite thing in the world is to tell corny jokes to keep people laughing.


Here are a few favorites until I see you this summer!

Q: Where does a King keep his armies?

A: In his sleevies!

Q: What do you call the disease when you eat but you can’t sleep?

A: Insom-nom-nom-nom-nia!

Q: What is Harry Potter’s favorite deodorant?

A: Explli-armpits!

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