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Tomahawk Leadership Staff:
We believe in the power of every girl and love to see girls unleash their inner go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader at camp! We also get to have loads of fun!








“Here’s wishing joys to you!”


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Hi! My name is Obi Joe and I am the Camp Director at Tomahawk Ranch! I love campfires with s’mores, all of our super fun and fluffy barn animals, stargazing, storytelling, horseback riding, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I can’t wait to camp with every one of you!

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Hi all! My name is Hobbes and I am the Leadership Assistant Director! I’m the proud inventor of Tomahawk Madness and many more silly games at camp! I love outdoor adventures and a good old fashioned game of marshmallow dodgeball. Callie my Corgi is my official sidekick so we are “Callie & Hobbes” forever! Callie and I can’t wait to meet you all!!

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Wingapo! My name is Kitti and I am the Program Assistant Director! I used to be a professional pirate both on a real ship and in the Caribbean. I am the escape room master and love a puzzle. I can’t wait to dress up, play all the games, and have the best summer ever with you! See ya real soon!!!

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Well met! My name Starlight, I am the Operational Assistant Director.  As you can see from my photo, I am a Pokémon master! I take every opportunity to dress up and. participate in the silliness of camp.  My normal diet consists of cupcakes, candy, Cadbury’s chocolate & P.G. Tips tea. Can’t wait for the fun! See you this summer!

My camp name is Marshmello, Marshy for short. I am the Site Program Manager at Tomahawk Ranch. My favorite camp activities include archery, arts and crafts, and s'more making. Smokey the ‘previous’ barn cat lives with me and is spoiled with treats and toys a plenty! Can’t wait to meet you this summer!