When you love camp so much you just can’t get enough, it’s time for our camp leadership program. Are you up to

the challenge of being a hero for younger girls? Boost your leadership skills while you help bring the magic of camp

to other girls. You remember the camp names of the teen counselors from your first overnight camp, now you get

to make that impression too!

There are lots of ways you can develop your leadership skills this summer! Read below for more information about leadership opportunities.


Day Camp Program Aide

As a Program Aide at Day Camp, you will help create and facilitate camp programs and activities. Girls gain skills in self-confidence, feelings of empowerment, decision-making/problem-solving skills, teamwork, and communication/cooperation.


Program Aide roles vary by each camp. Our Day Camps are lead by a trained volunteer Camp Directors, and some camps have additional requirements and trainings for you to be a Program Aide at their camp. Many of these camps use their own volunteer run registration systems and websites, contact the Camp Director for more information about the specific PA requirements and responsibilities at their camp. You can find Camp Director contact information and camp websites in the description of the camp sessions in the session listings here.

Overnight Camp Program Aide

As a Program Aide at overnight camp, you will have the opportunity to and assist activities in different program areas such as Arts and Crafts, Barn and Garden, Survival, and more. You will also help with other all camp events and activities. PAs are motivated, self-directed individuals, as they are responsible for designing their experience at resident camp. Girls who PA at overnight camp can expect to gain a well-rounded experience to begin to hone their interests and skill-sets. In addition to practicing their leadership skills, PAs gain opportunities for practical application of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience programming they learned in their PA training, building on their Troop and Day Camp experience (if applicable).


To be a PA at overnight camp, girls should be entering 9th grade or higher and have completed their PA internship. Experience with outdoor skills such as outdoor cooking and fire building are helpful, as well as the ability to work alongside adults while instructing campers. PAs must be organized and self-directed.


Included in the cost of your PA session, is attendance at one of the required PA Orientations at Tomahawk or Sky High. PA’s need only attend one, but are welcome to attend both if they are signed up for multiple sessions. We recommend attending the orientation of the property that you signed up for.



Overnight Camp Counselor in Training

As a CiT at overnight camp, you’ll enhance your leadership and camp counseling skills by learning to create lesson plans, developing behavior management and discipline strategies for campers, and improving their camp skills overall. Girls have the option to earn the award at either Sy High or Tomahawk and must be entering 10th grade in fall 2021.


CiT 1 is for girls who are participating for the first time. This two-week period is when they receive training and complete their internship.

CiT 2 is for girls who have completed their internship and are ready to assist in running programming, entertaining kids, and making camp a magical place!